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Virginia IRS Audit Defense

The Internal Revenue Service is one of the few government agencies people would want to avoid because of how strict they are when it comes to tax. They make sure that taxes are done correctly, and if they see any misdemeanors or violations, they will immediately be on the hunt and get the offense judged under the law.

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If you find yourself under the scrutiny of the IRS and got a notice for an audit, you need to contact a Virginia IRS audit defense team who can look into the situation for you. Without one, you may find yourself unable to handle the unrelenting questions and attempts of the IRS to get you to admit guilt.

Defense Tax Partners is one of the best Virginia tax law firms you can contact if you need a strong IRS tax audit defense team to back you up during your IRS audit. We have assisted quite a lot of taxpayers who underwent the IRS audit and other tax concerns that required legal support. Rest assured, we will provide you with all the support you need so that you know exactly what to expect as we defend your best interest before the IRS.

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What is an IRS Tax Audit?

The IRS regularly conducts tax audits to ensure that taxpayers are complying with both federal and state tax laws. They will review the taxpayer’s financial records and make sure they are done correctly and paid for on time.

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If you find yourself facing an IRS audit, our Virginia IRS audit defense team can help you prepare and guide you through the audit procedure.

If they see any problems, they will notify you through mail or phone that they will put your records under audit. They may either do the audits in person or through mail, investigating all your financial activities. If it is an in-person audit, you may be asked to go to the nearest IRS office or in your home.

Before the IRS does schedule your audit or when you receive your audit notice, make sure to have your documents ready and get legal advice. Our team at Defense Tax Partners can guide you through the entire auditing process and help you prepare your case. We are also the team you want to defend your case should there be any snags during the investigations. You can trust us to do everything we can to make the audit easier and get it resolved.

Tax Audit Defense

When a tax audit occurs, having a legal expert with you will make the process easier to understand and be less stressful for both you and the IRS.

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Our Virginia IRS audit defense team is well-aware that the audit process is very stressful for anyone and how the IRS conducts its audits. If one is not prepared, they may find themselves facing charges they could have avoided if they have legal support. Our lawyers have relevant experience in dealing with all the strategies used by the IRS during their investigations and make sure that you know what is going on. We can deal with the IRS directly, protecting you from dealing with them directly.

Meanwhile, having a legal expert on your side will make it easier for the IRS to deal with the case. We already know what the IRS requires from taxpayers under audit, so we can immediately prepare the documents before the IRS requests for them.

Our lawyers can also make sure that the audit is done correctly and your rights are protected. We also make sure that communication is open between you and the IRS so that there is no room for misunderstandings.

Tax Audit Legal Support

When you get a notice from the IRS for an audit, don’t panic because legal help from Defense Tax Partners is available to protect you and your interests.

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Our team has been working on state and federal levels, dealing with any type of tax situation taxpayers find themselves in. We will look into the case and immediately assist you in resolving the situation to your benefit. Our team can also help defend your case with the IRS, reducing the need for you to deal with them directly.

The following are just some of the services we can provide you at Defense Tax Partners:

1. Bank Levy Removal
2. Offer in Compromise
3. Penalty Abatement
4. Audit Representation
5. Tax Lien Removal
6. Wage Garnishment Removal
7. Tax Resolution
8. Tax Preparation
9. Innocent Spouse
10. Passport Reinstatement

If you are still unsure about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more. We also have a long portfolio of satisfied clients who can attest to our outstanding level of service. With us in the case, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Whether you just received your IRS audit notice or want legal advice for your financial situation, don’t hesitate to contact us at Defense Tax Partners. Our Virginia IRS audit defense team is always ready to look into your situation and provide you with the legal support you need to settle it as soon as possible. We will also do our best to get the best outcome for your case and negotiate if necessary—should the case be against your favor. Call us today, and we’ll make the IRS audit stress-free.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (804) 570-1403 for your Free Consultation with a Virginia IRS Audit Defense lawyer!